Battle Preparations

-The group managed to slay the dark necromancer and his minions, but not without the loss of Shawn, Sam’s raptor.

-In a small coffer on a bookshelf, the party found a +1 Lightning Longsword, three small agates, an eladrin-made platinum ring, and a sack of 120 gp.

-Luckily, Yisarn carried enough magical herbs in his laboratory for Sam to resurrect Shawn.

-Using a tunnel that led to the surface, the group returned to Eriyel and reported their success.

-Pleased with the defeat of Yisarn, Eriyel pledged fifty elven bows to the rebels’ cause. She then informed the heroes that the Iron Circle was preparing to march on Albridge and that the party needed to go there as soon as possible.

-Returning to the town, Dar Gremath asked the group to help with battle preparations.

-Agreeing, the heroes helped devise a sound plan and strategic tactics. With these enemies at their doorstep, will the rebels defeat the Iron Circle once and for all?


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