Dal Nystiere

-The party found the standing stones needed to teleport into Dal Nystiere, but didn’t get to use them immediately due to the tree spiders and goblins waiting for them.

-After Shakna brutally interrogated a defenseless goblin and paid him for his troubles, the group gathered around the stone basin in the middle of the stones.

-Using dragon’s blood, the party teleported into the evil sanctuary, only to find a goblin patrol in the chamber.

-Moving into the final room, the adventurers found Yisarn, the evil presence to which Eriyel referred, and his guardians.

-Unfortunately, Bariden and Rangrim fell for the pit trap in front of the door.

-With two of their members incapacitated, will the heroes be able to defeat this dark necromancer?


ItalianSuperBoy ItalianSuperBoy

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