Endless Winter

-Despite a large loss of human life, the adventurers eventually killed off all of the skyship’s undead monsters.

-The skyship’s dragon figurehead also said during the battle, “Return the ice scepter to the grasp of the Winter King, or this shall be a forever winter, and the cold and dead shall feast upon the warm and living.”

-After learning the story of the WInter King from Nimozaran the Green, the shaken citizens found a half-elf trying to sneak away from the crowd, who just so happened to be carrying the ice scepter.

-This half-elf ( Marko Lancet was rescued by the characters just as the people were about to lynch him.

-Lord Warden Faren Markelhay requested that the characters return to the Winter King with the ice scepter and convince, trick, or somehow get him to stop the winter.

-Accompanied by Marko Lancet and two other townsfolk, the group boarded the skyship and sailed off into the stormy skies.

-Riding through a vicious storm, will the characters be able to escape the icy clutches of death high above or will they reach the Cairn of the Winter King?


ItalianSuperBoy ItalianSuperBoy

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