-After killing the unexpected assault, the party moved into the main chamber of the Toadwallow Caverns.

-Suddenly, Gloorpk, the Mud-Hides’ leader, and his lackeys surprise attacked the group!

-Once frogs’ heads were rolling, Gloorpk gave up the location of his secret treasure in exchange for his life.

-Bracers of the Perfect Shot , a magical basket (Everlasting Provisions), a sapphire, and some gold lay under a pile of skulls.

-Feeling satisfied, the group returned to the mouth of the caverns, only to find that Gloorpk’s champion, Uggloor, and his party had just returned from a hunt.

-A battle soon ensued, with Gloorpk, Uggloor, and the bullywugs against the heroes. Currently, Kyle and Bariden are in the mouths of two huge frogs. Will the heroes come back from this huge disadvantage?


ItalianSuperBoy ItalianSuperBoy

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