Gathering Allies

-The party defeated the Bullywugs at the Toadwallow Caverns.

-They headed to Tor’s Hold to inform Bran Torsson that his men could join the fight against the Iron Circle.

-After resting up at the The Mallard Inn (and a night of stone-hearted murder on Shakna’s part), Dar Gremath gave them an assignment to forge an alliance with the Woodsinger elves.

-Using elven customs and directions from Reithann the Druid, they eventually found the village, where Eriyel, the chief, discussed the possibility of an alliance.

-In order to have the elves join the rebellion’s ranks, she requires the heroes to go to Dal Nystiere and defeat an evil presence lingering there.

-Now on the road to the sanctuary, will the adventurers successfully form a friendship with the elves?


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