Iron Keep

The penultimate chapter in the fight against the Iron Circle

(NOTE: This adventure log post covers multiple sessions of D&D: Epitomes)

-The rebellion has won the battle! The heroes found out the great news after meeting with Dar Gremath.

-However, they also learned that a small contingent of soldiers, led by Nazin Redthorn, was able to escape the battlefield. Redthorn and his men are currently holed up in Iron Keep.

-Eager to vanquish the last of the Iron Circle and rescue Baron Stockmer, the party made their way to Harken to find out a way to sneak inside.

-After brainstorming and meeting with Old Kellar, the group decided to disguise Shakna and Kyle as prisoners while the other three (Bariden, Rangrim, and Sam) disguised as Iron Circle soldiers bringing them in.

-Sturmik, the gate commander, let the group into the keep after a harrowing exchange of bluffs.

-At this point, the party separated. Rangrim was taken by Sturmik to be a guard, Shakna and Kyle were placed in the dungeon, and Sam and Bariden went into the Wizard’s Tower.

-Sam and Bariden discovered a concoction that knocked out the drinker in a flash of color.

-Lacing a tankard with the stuff, they were able to “rescue” Rangrim by “poisoning” Sturmik.

-Almost complete, the group headed to the gaol to release Shakna and Kyle.

-However, some misunderstood insults and comments led to a full-out fight inside the prison.

-Shakna and Kyle escaped their cells in all the commotion.

-The group managed to kill all the soldiers attacking them, but not without the loss of Bariden.

-After a smaller fight, the party realized they had little time to complete their objectives. They released Baron Stockmer, who was locked in a cell directly across from our heroes. He encouraged them to go and kill Nazin Redthorn once and for all!

-Ascending a floor, the group stealthily murdered a sentry before fighting two more dragonborn.

-About to climb to the final floor of the main tower, the party is almost about to complete their mission. Will they liberate Harkenwold from the iron grip of Nazin Redthorn or die trying?


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