Skyship and a Strange Summer

-The party ascended to the third floor of the Iron Keep tower and threw open the doors to discover Nazin Redthorn and a few of his allies waiting for them!

-After a long, heated battle where two new allies showed up (Marvar and Aven), the party struck down Redthorn and his vile devils.

-Kyle collected Redthorn’s flail, cape, and scale armor to always remember Redthorn’s reign of terror on the Barony of Harkenwold.

-Marvar rolled up and took a large tapestry from the wall of the room, which depicted a large, bloody pile of bodies with a military warlord standing on top of them with a flag.

-Sam secretly pocketed 50 gold pieces.

-Marvar found 250 gp, which was split among the party, and a suit of +2 Magic Leather Armor.

-Rangrim also found a +2 Resounding Mace.

-After thoroughly searching the room, the party escaped the Keep through the secret tunnel that Old Kellar told them about.

-Outside the tunnel entrance, Marvar and Aven officially introduced themselves, with the end result being their inclusion into the adventuring group.

-The group secretly returned to Kellar’s house, where Kyle gave him Redthorn’s cape and scale armor.

-Sam found another 150 gp, which was split.

-The heroes celebrated the end of the Iron Circle with Dar Gremath back in Albridge, which they had stealthily returned to in the middle of the night.

-Dar Gremath informed the group of one last mission: the investigation of a man named Armos Kamroth, who resided in Fallcrest and was suspected of having Iron Circle ties.

-The group traveled to Fallcrest, the entire way noticing that even in the middle of summer, the air had become chilly and frost had started to form.

-In a downright snowstorm by the time they entered Fallcrest, the group witnessed a large crowd yelling at the Lord Warden about the strange summer.

-The arguing eventually escalated into a full-out riot between a few groups of people, distracting them from the large ship that steadily descended from the sky.

-Noticing as it was too late, the citizens screamed in terror at the skeletons and zombies that began to pour out of the ship.

-Faced with an extremely strange dilemma, will the characters defeat all of the undead, and more importantly, find out the cause of this endless winter?


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