The Battle of Albridge

-The morning that the Iron Circle is predicted to arrive, the heroes woke, anxious to cleave some mercenary skulls.

-Dar Gremath took them to the top of his command barn, where they could see a line of poorly-equipped but brave soldiers.

-Suddenly, the Iron Circle came into view, shouting curses and war cries.

-Eventually, the two sides clashed and started fighting for control of the Barony of Harkenwold.

-Held back in reserve, the party spotted a group of Iron Circle men that had broken through the line.

-After dealing with the possible threat, a messenger came to warn the group that Dar Gremath was under attack and needed their help.

-While heading towards Gremath, an Iron Circle patrol blocked their way.

-After finally breaking through the patrol’s defense, the party had almost caught up to Gremath when none other than Nazin Redthorn himself and his lackeys rode up and challenged the group to a final battle.

-After a long and hard fight on both fronts, Redthorn escaped, barely alive but promising to kill the adventurers later.

-Still healing from their last fight, the heroes do not know the outcome of the Battle of Albridge. Have the rebels won, or has the Iron Circle affirmed its grasp over the region?


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