Dar Gremath

A broad-shouldered, gray-haired man of 55 years who is the primary leader of the growing rebellion.


Dar Gremath is a 55-year-old former adventurer who enlists the party’s help.

He is the leader of the secret rebellion against the Iron Circle, and he personally hates Nazin Redthorn, the leader of the Iron Circle.

Dar Gremath talks fast, doesn’t break, and expects to be listened to – he’s like an optimistic football coach who thinks the adventurers are his star players.


Back in his glory days, Gremath was an adventurer, like the party. He’s not about to let a few mercenaries ruin his home.

Gremath tasked the party with harassing the Iron Circle in two ways: raiding a caravan or picking a fight with any Iron Circle soldiers.

After completing these, he assigned the task of forging an alliance with the Woodsinger elves to the party.

After successfully making a friendship with the chief, Gremath asked the adventurers to help prepare for the battle between the rebellion and the Iron Circle.

Having completed the preparations, Gremath asked the characters to help fight. He assigned them reserve status in the battle.

Dar Gremath

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