Waylaying the Caravan

-After defeating the Iron Circle soldiers at Ilyana’s farm, the party traveled to Albridge to meet with Dar Gremath, the leader of the rebellion.

-The group rested at the Mallard Inn, where Rangrim angered the barkeeper.

-After looking around a bit, Bariden followed a group of three who turned out to be Dar Gremath and his lackeys.

-Dar Gremath assigned two objectives to the party: raid a caravan and harass a detachment of Iron Circle soldiers.

-Bariden rode off to the Druid’s Grove to speak with Reithann the Druid. She explained that bullywugs were terrorizing the inhabitants of Tor’s Hold, preventing them from joining the rebellion. If someone were to defeat the tribe, more people could join the resistance…

-Bariden rendezvoused with the rest of the group, who were riding towards Easthill to set up an ambush for an Iron Circle caravan.

-After surprising the caravan and participating in a long, bloody battle, the heroes defeated the guards of the wagon. What could be inside?


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