-After killing the unexpected assault, the party moved into the main chamber of the Toadwallow Caverns.

-Suddenly, Gloorpk, the Mud-Hides’ leader, and his lackeys surprise attacked the group!

-Once frogs’ heads were rolling, Gloorpk gave up the location of his secret treasure in exchange for his life.

-Bracers of the Perfect Shot , a magical basket (Everlasting Provisions), a sapphire, and some gold lay under a pile of skulls.

-Feeling satisfied, the group returned to the mouth of the caverns, only to find that Gloorpk’s champion, Uggloor, and his party had just returned from a hunt.

-A battle soon ensued, with Gloorpk, Uggloor, and the bullywugs against the heroes. Currently, Kyle and Bariden are in the mouths of two huge frogs. Will the heroes come back from this huge disadvantage?


-The party ruthlessly murdered the rest of the Iron Circle squad while Kyle had a surprise case of diarrhea.

-Moving on to the Toadwallow Caverns, the group encountered two bullywug sentries guarding the cave.

-After going deeper into the cave, two more bullywugs and three stirges ambushed them! Will they beat this unexpected assault?

Dwarves and Drakes

-The party searched the caravan and found 240 gp, a Potion of Healing, and +1 Bracers of Mighty Striking.

-The adventurers headed back to the The Mallard Inn to rest up, but they were greeted by a detachment of Iron Circle soldiers.

-After disposing of the bodies and a rather nasty talk between Rangrim and the barkeeper of the inn, the heroes found Dar Gremath at his stables.

-He approved of their endeavors once they told him. Kyle bought a riding horse.

-The group decided to go their own ways in the town. Bariden bought a small Corellon charm from the owner of White River Mercantile. Kyle and Rangrim went to Kathrid’s Smithy, where Kyle bought and sold weapons and Rangrim flirted with the owner. Shakna tried to find a bookstore, but alas, none exist in Albridge.

-They regrouped, went back to the now-friendly Mallard Inn, and rented rooms from the inn’s owner.

-The next morning, the group started to ride to the Toadwallow Caverns, where the tribe of bullywugs that they were hunting lived. Unfortunately, the weather got bad as they progressed, making travel very slow.

-On the way, they were ambushed by a patrol of Iron Circle soldiers! Will they live?

Waylaying the Caravan

-After defeating the Iron Circle soldiers at Ilyana’s farm, the party traveled to Albridge to meet with Dar Gremath, the leader of the rebellion.

-The group rested at the Mallard Inn, where Rangrim angered the barkeeper.

-After looking around a bit, Bariden followed a group of three who turned out to be Dar Gremath and his lackeys.

-Dar Gremath assigned two objectives to the party: raid a caravan and harass a detachment of Iron Circle soldiers.

-Bariden rode off to the Druid’s Grove to speak with Reithann the Druid. She explained that bullywugs were terrorizing the inhabitants of Tor’s Hold, preventing them from joining the rebellion. If someone were to defeat the tribe, more people could join the resistance…

-Bariden rendezvoused with the rest of the group, who were riding towards Easthill to set up an ambush for an Iron Circle caravan.

-After surprising the caravan and participating in a long, bloody battle, the heroes defeated the guards of the wagon. What could be inside?


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