Barony of Harkenwold

The Barony of Harkenwold, often referred to as just “Harkenwold,” is a valley about 50 miles long and 20 miles wide, located between two arms of the Harken Forest, southeast of the Nentir Vale region. Most of the land is gently rolling hills and fertile farmland, which the cool and rainy climate helps grow. The White River snakes through Harkenwold, branching off into smaller streams.

Harkenwold’s total population is about 2,000, with most citizens being humans, dwarves, or halflings. Most make their living as a farmer, woodcutter, or shepherd, with others serving as woodworkers, smiths, brewers, and leatherworkers.

Harkenwold was also the first place the Iron Circle invaded in their quest to conquer the Nentir Vale. Luckily for Harkenwold, the party cleared out the Circle before they could do serious damage to the Nentir Vale.

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Barony of Harkenwold

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