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Baron Jonn Stockmer – The 65-year-old ruler of Harken.

Old Kellar – The fomer village elder of Harken and former master mason of Harken Castle.

Eriyel Woodsinger – The elven chief of the Woodsinger tribe, in the Harken Forest.

Bran Torsson – The leader of Tor’s Hold, in the Barony of Harkenwold.

Roma Featherton – The owner of White River Mercantile, in Albridge.

Kathrid – The owner of Kathrid’s Smithy, in Albridge.

Onneth – The owner of the Mallard Inn.

Keled – The barkeeper at The Mallard Inn, in Albridge.

Ilyana – A half-elf woman the party rescued from the Iron Circle.

Lannar Thistleton – The owner of the Fallcrest Stables.


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