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Lawful GoodAn ordered society protects us from evil.

  • Moradin – Moradin is the god of creation and patron of artisans.
  • Bahamut – Bahamut is the god of justice and honor.

GoodProtecting the weak from those who would dominate or kill them is just the right thing to do.

  • Avandra – Avandra is the goddess of change and luck.
  • Pelor – Pelor is the god of the sun and keeper of time.

UnalignedJust let me go about my business.

  • Corellon – Corellon is the god of beauty, the arts, and arcane magic.
  • Erathis – Erathis is the goddess of civilization.
  • Ioun – Ioun is the goddess of knowledge, skill, and prophecy.
  • Kord – Kord is the storm god and the lord of battle.
  • Melora – Melora is the goddess of the wilderness and the sea.
  • The Raven Queen – The Raven Queen is the spinner of fate and the goddess of death.
  • Sehanine – Sehanine is the goddess of the moon and love and the patron of trickery.

NOTE: I am not allowing any evil or chaotic evil characters to play in Epitomes.

EvilIt is my right to claim what others possess.

  • Asmodeus – Asmodeus is the god of tyranny and domination.
  • Bane – Bane is the god of war and conquest.
  • Tiamat – Tiamat is the goddess of wealth, greed, and envy.
  • Torog – Torog is the god of the Underdark and patron of jailers and torturers.
  • Vecna – Vecna is the god of undead, necromancy, and secrets.
  • Zehir – Zehir is the god of darkness, poison, and assassins.

Chaotic EvilI don’t care what I have to do to get what I want.

  • Gruumsh – Gruumsh is the god of destruction and chaos.
  • Lolth – Lolth is the goddess of shadow, lies, and spiders.


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