Endless Winter

-Despite a large loss of human life, the adventurers eventually killed off all of the skyship’s undead monsters.

-The skyship’s dragon figurehead also said during the battle, “Return the ice scepter to the grasp of the Winter King, or this shall be a forever winter, and the cold and dead shall feast upon the warm and living.”

-After learning the story of the WInter King from Nimozaran the Green, the shaken citizens found a half-elf trying to sneak away from the crowd, who just so happened to be carrying the ice scepter.

-This half-elf ( Marko Lancet was rescued by the characters just as the people were about to lynch him.

-Lord Warden Faren Markelhay requested that the characters return to the Winter King with the ice scepter and convince, trick, or somehow get him to stop the winter.

-Accompanied by Marko Lancet and two other townsfolk, the group boarded the skyship and sailed off into the stormy skies.

-Riding through a vicious storm, will the characters be able to escape the icy clutches of death high above or will they reach the Cairn of the Winter King?

Skyship and a Strange Summer

-The party ascended to the third floor of the Iron Keep tower and threw open the doors to discover Nazin Redthorn and a few of his allies waiting for them!

-After a long, heated battle where two new allies showed up (Marvar and Aven), the party struck down Redthorn and his vile devils.

-Kyle collected Redthorn’s flail, cape, and scale armor to always remember Redthorn’s reign of terror on the Barony of Harkenwold.

-Marvar rolled up and took a large tapestry from the wall of the room, which depicted a large, bloody pile of bodies with a military warlord standing on top of them with a flag.

-Sam secretly pocketed 50 gold pieces.

-Marvar found 250 gp, which was split among the party, and a suit of +2 Magic Leather Armor.

-Rangrim also found a +2 Resounding Mace.

-After thoroughly searching the room, the party escaped the Keep through the secret tunnel that Old Kellar told them about.

-Outside the tunnel entrance, Marvar and Aven officially introduced themselves, with the end result being their inclusion into the adventuring group.

-The group secretly returned to Kellar’s house, where Kyle gave him Redthorn’s cape and scale armor.

-Sam found another 150 gp, which was split.

-The heroes celebrated the end of the Iron Circle with Dar Gremath back in Albridge, which they had stealthily returned to in the middle of the night.

-Dar Gremath informed the group of one last mission: the investigation of a man named Armos Kamroth, who resided in Fallcrest and was suspected of having Iron Circle ties.

-The group traveled to Fallcrest, the entire way noticing that even in the middle of summer, the air had become chilly and frost had started to form.

-In a downright snowstorm by the time they entered Fallcrest, the group witnessed a large crowd yelling at the Lord Warden about the strange summer.

-The arguing eventually escalated into a full-out riot between a few groups of people, distracting them from the large ship that steadily descended from the sky.

-Noticing as it was too late, the citizens screamed in terror at the skeletons and zombies that began to pour out of the ship.

-Faced with an extremely strange dilemma, will the characters defeat all of the undead, and more importantly, find out the cause of this endless winter?

Iron Keep
The penultimate chapter in the fight against the Iron Circle

(NOTE: This adventure log post covers multiple sessions of D&D: Epitomes)

-The rebellion has won the battle! The heroes found out the great news after meeting with Dar Gremath.

-However, they also learned that a small contingent of soldiers, led by Nazin Redthorn, was able to escape the battlefield. Redthorn and his men are currently holed up in Iron Keep.

-Eager to vanquish the last of the Iron Circle and rescue Baron Stockmer, the party made their way to Harken to find out a way to sneak inside.

-After brainstorming and meeting with Old Kellar, the group decided to disguise Shakna and Kyle as prisoners while the other three (Bariden, Rangrim, and Sam) disguised as Iron Circle soldiers bringing them in.

-Sturmik, the gate commander, let the group into the keep after a harrowing exchange of bluffs.

-At this point, the party separated. Rangrim was taken by Sturmik to be a guard, Shakna and Kyle were placed in the dungeon, and Sam and Bariden went into the Wizard’s Tower.

-Sam and Bariden discovered a concoction that knocked out the drinker in a flash of color.

-Lacing a tankard with the stuff, they were able to “rescue” Rangrim by “poisoning” Sturmik.

-Almost complete, the group headed to the gaol to release Shakna and Kyle.

-However, some misunderstood insults and comments led to a full-out fight inside the prison.

-Shakna and Kyle escaped their cells in all the commotion.

-The group managed to kill all the soldiers attacking them, but not without the loss of Bariden.

-After a smaller fight, the party realized they had little time to complete their objectives. They released Baron Stockmer, who was locked in a cell directly across from our heroes. He encouraged them to go and kill Nazin Redthorn once and for all!

-Ascending a floor, the group stealthily murdered a sentry before fighting two more dragonborn.

-About to climb to the final floor of the main tower, the party is almost about to complete their mission. Will they liberate Harkenwold from the iron grip of Nazin Redthorn or die trying?

The Battle of Albridge

-The morning that the Iron Circle is predicted to arrive, the heroes woke, anxious to cleave some mercenary skulls.

-Dar Gremath took them to the top of his command barn, where they could see a line of poorly-equipped but brave soldiers.

-Suddenly, the Iron Circle came into view, shouting curses and war cries.

-Eventually, the two sides clashed and started fighting for control of the Barony of Harkenwold.

-Held back in reserve, the party spotted a group of Iron Circle men that had broken through the line.

-After dealing with the possible threat, a messenger came to warn the group that Dar Gremath was under attack and needed their help.

-While heading towards Gremath, an Iron Circle patrol blocked their way.

-After finally breaking through the patrol’s defense, the party had almost caught up to Gremath when none other than Nazin Redthorn himself and his lackeys rode up and challenged the group to a final battle.

-After a long and hard fight on both fronts, Redthorn escaped, barely alive but promising to kill the adventurers later.

-Still healing from their last fight, the heroes do not know the outcome of the Battle of Albridge. Have the rebels won, or has the Iron Circle affirmed its grasp over the region?

Battle Preparations

-The group managed to slay the dark necromancer and his minions, but not without the loss of Shawn, Sam’s raptor.

-In a small coffer on a bookshelf, the party found a +1 Lightning Longsword, three small agates, an eladrin-made platinum ring, and a sack of 120 gp.

-Luckily, Yisarn carried enough magical herbs in his laboratory for Sam to resurrect Shawn.

-Using a tunnel that led to the surface, the group returned to Eriyel and reported their success.

-Pleased with the defeat of Yisarn, Eriyel pledged fifty elven bows to the rebels’ cause. She then informed the heroes that the Iron Circle was preparing to march on Albridge and that the party needed to go there as soon as possible.

-Returning to the town, Dar Gremath asked the group to help with battle preparations.

-Agreeing, the heroes helped devise a sound plan and strategic tactics. With these enemies at their doorstep, will the rebels defeat the Iron Circle once and for all?

Dal Nystiere

-The party found the standing stones needed to teleport into Dal Nystiere, but didn’t get to use them immediately due to the tree spiders and goblins waiting for them.

-After Shakna brutally interrogated a defenseless goblin and paid him for his troubles, the group gathered around the stone basin in the middle of the stones.

-Using dragon’s blood, the party teleported into the evil sanctuary, only to find a goblin patrol in the chamber.

-Moving into the final room, the adventurers found Yisarn, the evil presence to which Eriyel referred, and his guardians.

-Unfortunately, Bariden and Rangrim fell for the pit trap in front of the door.

-With two of their members incapacitated, will the heroes be able to defeat this dark necromancer?

Gathering Allies

-The party defeated the Bullywugs at the Toadwallow Caverns.

-They headed to Tor’s Hold to inform Bran Torsson that his men could join the fight against the Iron Circle.

-After resting up at the The Mallard Inn (and a night of stone-hearted murder on Shakna’s part), Dar Gremath gave them an assignment to forge an alliance with the Woodsinger elves.

-Using elven customs and directions from Reithann the Druid, they eventually found the village, where Eriyel, the chief, discussed the possibility of an alliance.

-In order to have the elves join the rebellion’s ranks, she requires the heroes to go to Dal Nystiere and defeat an evil presence lingering there.

-Now on the road to the sanctuary, will the adventurers successfully form a friendship with the elves?


-After killing the unexpected assault, the party moved into the main chamber of the Toadwallow Caverns.

-Suddenly, Gloorpk, the Mud-Hides’ leader, and his lackeys surprise attacked the group!

-Once frogs’ heads were rolling, Gloorpk gave up the location of his secret treasure in exchange for his life.

-Bracers of the Perfect Shot , a magical basket (Everlasting Provisions), a sapphire, and some gold lay under a pile of skulls.

-Feeling satisfied, the group returned to the mouth of the caverns, only to find that Gloorpk’s champion, Uggloor, and his party had just returned from a hunt.

-A battle soon ensued, with Gloorpk, Uggloor, and the bullywugs against the heroes. Currently, Kyle and Bariden are in the mouths of two huge frogs. Will the heroes come back from this huge disadvantage?


-The party ruthlessly murdered the rest of the Iron Circle squad while Kyle had a surprise case of diarrhea.

-Moving on to the Toadwallow Caverns, the group encountered two bullywug sentries guarding the cave.

-After going deeper into the cave, two more bullywugs and three stirges ambushed them! Will they beat this unexpected assault?

Dwarves and Drakes

-The party searched the caravan and found 240 gp, a Potion of Healing, and +1 Bracers of Mighty Striking.

-The adventurers headed back to the The Mallard Inn to rest up, but they were greeted by a detachment of Iron Circle soldiers.

-After disposing of the bodies and a rather nasty talk between Rangrim and the barkeeper of the inn, the heroes found Dar Gremath at his stables.

-He approved of their endeavors once they told him. Kyle bought a riding horse.

-The group decided to go their own ways in the town. Bariden bought a small Corellon charm from the owner of White River Mercantile. Kyle and Rangrim went to Kathrid’s Smithy, where Kyle bought and sold weapons and Rangrim flirted with the owner. Shakna tried to find a bookstore, but alas, none exist in Albridge.

-They regrouped, went back to the now-friendly Mallard Inn, and rented rooms from the inn’s owner.

-The next morning, the group started to ride to the Toadwallow Caverns, where the tribe of bullywugs that they were hunting lived. Unfortunately, the weather got bad as they progressed, making travel very slow.

-On the way, they were ambushed by a patrol of Iron Circle soldiers! Will they live?


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