Nentir Vale – The broad borderland region in the north of the continent (not named yet).

  1. Barony of Harkenwold – The broad valley nestled between arms of the Harken Forest in the Nentir Vale.
  • Albridge – The second-largest village in Harkenwold, and the former center of the Iron Circle Rebellion.
  • Druid Grove – The small grove of trees northwest of Albridge, home to Reithann the Druid and her apprentices.
  • Harken – The largest settlement in Harkenwold and the former location of the headquarters of the Iron Circle.
  1. Fallcrest – The large city-crossroads in the middle of the Nentir Vale.


Dal Nystiere – An ancient sanctuary in which resided Yisarn, a dark necromancer.


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